UIEO Results 2019-2020 for Classes 2-10

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All the important information regarding Olympiads like dates, syllabus, pattern, etc. are available at jyxtlt.cn/ and/or .

Students who secure rank in the Olympiad exams are entitled for the awards. The details of the awards are available at the following link: jyxtlt.cn/courses/unified-council.

Gold Medals & Cash Awards for the first 3 rankers of each Class (Rank 1-3) in UIEO 2019-20.

  • UIEO 2018 Topper is awarded a cash prize of Rs. 2, 00,000.

  • The student who achieves the highest percentage of marks among all the classes is declared as UIEO Topper.

  • 500vip下载旧版The top 3 Rankers are awarded a Tablet PC + a Medal + a Memento.

  • The next 7 rankers of each class (Ranks 4-10) are awarded Rs.1000 as a cash prize.

  • The next 15 rankers of each class (Ranks 11-25) of classes II-X are awarded a cash prize of Rs. 500 each.

  • 500vip下载旧版Top 100 rankers in each class are awarded with The Weather - 2 CD PACK worth Rs. 1090 and a Britannica Encyclopaedia.

  • 500vip下载旧版Top 100 rankers from each class are awarded with Reasoning Trainer Plus Book, from M/s Brain Mapping Academy, a certificate of appreciation and a Medal.

  • 500vip下载旧版All the top rankers from 1-100 are awarded a Medal and a certificate of appreciation

  • Certificate and Cyber Diagnostic Report (CDR) for all the participants.

Class Topper

  • 500vip下载旧版Top 3 rankers in each class of each school are announced as class 1, 2 and 3 rankers respectively.

  • 500vip下载旧版Class Toppers are awarded a medal and a certificate of appreciation.

UIEO Topper 2019

  • The student who achieves 100% marks in any of the classes will be awarded with prize money of Rs.2, 00,000.

  • 500vip下载旧版If none of the students achieves the same, then the student who achieves the highest percentage of marks among all the classes in UIEO 2019-20 will be awarded with Rs.1, 00,000.

  • If more than one student achieves the same, the prize money will be distributed equally. Each topper will get either this prize or the regular prize.

UIEO Results 2019-20

  • 500vip下载旧版The results of UIEO 2019 have been declared.

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